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The Muslim Community in Chattanooga Tn. will have a Feed The Needy event on March 26, 2011. For those who are unaware of the Feed the Needy program, it is a da'awah event where we will give away free boxes of food to the needy with a da'awah package inside. Islam encourages us to help the people we live around and  invite them to Islam.  Insha Allah, with this event we will be able to do both. Who knows who's heart Allah swt will change when they hear the message of Islam. Insha Allah, we want to give away between 50 to 100 boxes of food to those in need.

It's important that the people we live among know who we are and what we believe. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always reached out to help those in need and invited them to Islam. Following Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) example is our intent with the Feed the Needy program.
Some of the items that we are asking the believers to donate are;
Peanut butter, Jam or jellies, Sugar, Canned fruits, Beans, Rice, Flour, Oatmeal, Macaroni Cheese, Ramen Noodles, Vegetable oil, Canned tuna, Cereals, Crackers, Soups, boxed juice ...
These items can be dropped off at Masjid Muhammad or call 706-459-1010 for pick up.

"And who is better in speech than he who invites to Allah and does righteous deeds, and says: 'I am one of the Muslims.'" [al-Qur'aan, Fussilat(41):33]

Feed The Needy
When: March 26, 2011                      
Time: 11:00AM                     
Location: Dodson & Wilcox

May Allah accept all of our efforts to please him and may all of our efforts be for Allah alone, Amen    Salaam

For more information call 706-459-1010
Feed The Needy
Praised be to Allah who brought the Believers together on March 27, 2011 to give out 105 boxes of free food to those in need. We found the Chattanooga Community very receptive and appreciative that the Muslim community was performing such charitable act.  May Allah accept all of our effort. Thanks to all of those who donated and participated in the Feed The Needy Event.